4 Important Things For Foreign Student

4 Important Things For Foreign Student

As a foreign student, you will face a lot of complex thing. This, because foreign student need to be settled in a new environment and need to be ready in a new life. If you a foreign student, here are 4 important things that you should care about to keep yourself in foreign country.

Watch your Bank

You need to learn to spend wisely. Because if not, sooner or later you will pay for that. Watch how much you spend, set a limit and calculate the monthly/weekly mandatory expense. That pays off when you graduate and start getting a job.

Cook your Own Food

A foreign student is highly recommend to buy and cook your own food. This will help you to save a lot of money. Just to have an idea, a student who have lunch and dinner outside every day, will spend more than $1100 per month in food. On the other hand, a student who get the food from the grocery and cook, spend approximately $400 per month. It’s a big difference, isn’t it?

Choose your Transportation Wisely

Depends on where you study, some places require to buy a car while others don’t. Make sure you join the best University in Singapore to get the best public transportation to help you save the mony.

Check your Visa Status

A valid Visa keeps you legal while you are living in a different counrty. Without it, you will run in a lot of problems. Always check your Visa expiration date and plan ahead to get renewed. If you plan to stay in the US for good, make sure you check your legal status regularly.

As a student, you also need to make sure how good is your place to study. Make sure you join SIM GE to get the best business degrees UK.